Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday Travels: Natural History Museum

Yesterday Asher and I hit the Natural History Museum to see the butterfly exhibit. The exhibit was a 90 degree, 90 percent humidity room with close to 1000 exotic butterflies and we were able to walk around freely with them. Very cool.

After that we saw some other exhibits, like the insect zoo and the dinosaurs, bought some rocks and then walked around the sculpture garden. Such a beautiful day to be playing tourist in downtown DC. At the sculpture garden I made Asher tell me what he thought the abstract sculptures looked like and his answers were hilarious. At one, he kept saying "crap" when I asked him what it looked like. I don't think that word is in his vocabulary yet, but I had to agree with his answer.

On our way back to the metro station, we saw the presidential motorcade heading along Constitutional Ave. towards the Capitol building. I read later that Bush was at the United Nations today, so it must have been the VP. A few minutes later, the motorcade returned back to the White House. I was hopeful that they had gone up to Congress to figure out this whole financial crisis and had made quick work of a solution. Yeah right. We passed the National Archives and there was a huge protest sign out front. I wonder if Cheney saw it out his window and what he thinks about all the people who hate his guts. It is so weird to think that my dad handled some of his financial dealings when he was not so well known or hated.

We stopped off in Arlington to pick up our car and have pizza with Ed, then headed home from our fun day.

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