Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Good Cry at REI

My favorite store, REI, is not far from our neighborhood but I hardly ever go.  Everything about REI screams the Pacific NW and it makes me instantly homesick to go inside.

A couple days ago I was running errands nearby when I remembered that I really needed a new headlamp for my early morning runs.  I walked in and was suddenly submersed in NW outdoors deliciousness.  And somewhere between the inflatable canoes and energy bars I started sobbing uncontrollably.  It wasn't homesickness though.  I was going home.  In the middle REI, it had finally sunk in.  Ed got a job and we are coming home!

We have known that this job was probably going to happen for a few weeks, but between the madness of daily living and my fear that it would fall through, I never let myself feel it.  But wandering the aisles of gortex and fleece released all of the joy and relief of finally realizing this goal.

Oh there is much left to figure out - Will anyone buy our NoVA townhouse?  Where will we live and where will the boys go to school?  Noe's therapies.....we have been so incredibly blessed with autism therapists here, and we love his school.... what will happen in Seattle?  And my job.  I love my job.  I told Ed he had to find the first job because I had more marketable skills than he did ( reality...neither of us have marketable skills).  Now I have to find a job! Stress, let me tell ya.

But for that tiny moment of time life was beautiful and perfect and our future was exactly where we wanted it to be.

I guess this is an official announcement.

Familia Guzman
Seattle - Early Spring 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Autism Nights

Just when we thought Noe was finally developing good sleeping patterns, this week happened.

It feels like he has spent more time awake than asleep between the hours of 9PM and 6AM this week.  Two nights ago, I thought he was FINALLY down and I went up to my bed, only to awake shortly after to find him downstairs with the music on full blast, running around the house swinging a ribbon in the air, like he was trying out for the US Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics team.

I've had lots of time this week to reflect on all of the other middle-of-the-night scenes we have woken up to over the years, including...

Noe sitting on the cold pantry floor eating hershey kisses (I think we estimated he had consumed at least 20 by the time we found him)

Noe sitting or standing on the kitchen counters eating cookies/cupcakes/fruit snacks.  Once we caught him sitting up on the fridge.

Noe playing ball on our back deck at 2AM (luckily, we always keep the back fence locked).

Noe in Asher's bed/ in our bed/under our bed.

Noe riding his razor scooter (which had been stored for winter in our downstairs closet) through the hardwoods of our house.

Noe dumping out an entire Costco-sized pail of laundry detergent in the storage room to make his own sand box.

Noe sorting his blocks/his pegboard pegs/Ed's ties by color and leaving them in piles around the house.


Friday, January 4, 2013


Double-digits, I can't believe it!  How can I even be old enough to have a ten year old?  Didn't I graduate from high school ten years ago?

You continue to amaze me, baffle me, humble me, and tire me out on a daily basis.  You have the gentlest hugs and kisses, but play the loudest music.  You are constantly in motion, but sleep so hard I have to often carry you up the stairs to your breakfast in the morning.  You still say few words, but your eyes speak volumes.

Your obsessions..... Amy Winehouse's music, iPad games, the ocean.... they are both maddening and endearing.  You pick up new things so quickly now, until I remember how far behind you are compared to your peers.

We had a great day, Noecito.  Your Papi was off of work and he took you and your brother to your favorite moon bounce local.  Later we went to your favorite restaurant, Chipotle, for dinner, so you could eat all of the beans and rice you wanted.  I made birthday cupcakes and Asher helped decorate them.  We ate cupcakes and ice cream after we sang 'Happy Birthday' to you.  You were so happy and blew out your candles through your mouth (versus most years - blowing through your nose!)  You loved being the little celebrity of the day and we loved celebrating you!