Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's New in 2014

After an all-around fabulous year for Familia Guzman, 2013 ended really, really badly.  We are still dealing with much of the fallout, so I won't go into detail on the blog right now.... or probably ever.   But 2014 is looking up again!

This is what we're up to these days.....

Easy Ed just finished his first season as editor-in-charge of Seahawks coverage with a Super Bowl win!  And although he did absolutely nothing to contribute to their winning season, he did get to lead and edit  a book about the Seahawks season.  He also wrote a widely read and highly acclaimed blog post in the midst of 12th Man Fever.

Noe is up and running with his speech device, TouchChat on his iPad mini.  It is his "voice" and he is very motivated to communicate with it.  He is already requesting non-food items and social reinforcement independently.... such as requesting a break, or asking for help.... which makes me believe this will help him go further with his language than he ever has before.  One of his favorite things to say right now is "I want you to LISTEN to me!"  We're all ears, Buddy.

How does a 9yo kid in Seattle pass the rainy winter?  Playing for his school's Ultimate Frisbee team, of course!  Asher is also really enjoying his after-school cartooning class and continues to take piano lessons.  He gets up early most mornings to write stories and cartoons which I find bizarre but kind of cool.

Me?  I guess my big news is that I started a little small business side hustle teaching Lego robotics enrichment classes at local elementary schools.  I am starting small with two classes, but am already receiving bookings for spring classes.  I'm not giving up my day job anytime soon, but running a tiny business has been fun!  Oh -- and I'm training for another half marathon in May.  Some people impulsively buy shoes online....I impulsively sign up for races, forgetting the time commitment and the fact that I have the feet and knees of a woman twice my age!

Happy 2014!