Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Father's Love

Today, Ed came home from work with a bright green balloon for Asher. He called me to have Asher meet him out front for a "surprise." Asher, a big fan of the balloon, thought it was a great surprise and even fell asleep tonight with the balloon string in his tiny little hand. Ed had snagged it from work and commuted home by train and bus holding a bright green balloon with a red string. That mental image has kept me smiling all night, along with all the teasing he got from his fellow commuters.

He also took Noe on a bike ride. He didn't even get out of his work clothes because it was starting to get dark. Ten minutes into their twenty minute loop, they got caught in a huge rain storm. I offered to pick them up, but Ed insisted on finishing the ride because Noe was having a good time. They came back into the house, two happy wet dogs.

The boys don't have a clue how lucky they are to have such a loving and dedicated father....but someday they will.


Razzy said...

They are really lucky boys! Make sure you keep documenting these moments for them. They will love to hear about it someday.

michelle said...

What an awesome dad!