Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Bad Poem On a Perfect Summer Eve

sound of flip flops and street traffic
we enter the trees towards the neighborhood pool
past the lush, green community garden
I look longingly. Someday....
I will have a fabulous garden plot instead of the scattered containers on the back deck

kids play in the pool
teens in skimpy suits show off on the diving board
new parents and their babies squeal in delight
all to the background symphony of cicada and crickets
while a bright-eyed half moon beams in the purplish sky

I wrangle my boys
wrap towels around their brown narrow bodies
smell the chlorine in their hair
we head back into the trees, where the fireflies have started their evening soire
breathing the fresh, cool air... squeezing every second from the night
'cause it is headed back to 105 in the marrow

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Picking Parties

Last winter, Noe's teacher was working on identifying past, present, future events.  Because it was around President's Day, she had the kids identify US presidents as past, present, and future.  She gave the kids pictures of both Obama and Romney and they had to decide who to put in the 'future president' category.  His teacher said she repeated the activity several times with both choices and EVERY TIME Noe picked Mitt Romney as his future president.

To his liberal-lovin' parents, this revelation was quite upsetting.

Asher still seems undecided.  One recent Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves in Downtown DC waiting for Easy Ed outside of the Washington Post building.  Asher had some time for some research. Which one do you think suits Asher best?