Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday, Asher!

This week begins Asher's 5th annual birthday festival. Party today, preschool celebration along with more cake and presents tomorrow.

Four was good to you, kiddo. I actually hate to see the year go. This year you....

*learned to read and swim and ride a bike (with training wheels)
*improved your Spanish skills
*took two cross-country trips
*gave your first talk in primary all by yourself
*built 365+ (one every day plus a few extra) creative and unique train track configurations
*gained some seriously scary computer literacy skills
*learned to dress yourself (finally!)

And I love you, even though....

*we find you asleep next to our bed most mornings
*you tried to convince me that your "trains" could say naughty words because there is no church on the Island of Sodor
*you won't wear clothes with any kind of print
*you think cheddar Goldfish are a major food group
*yesterday I slipped and fell down several stairs after you had hosed them down with "anti-Monster spray" because you are afraid to be downstairs by yourself

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Beth said...

This kid has so much in common with Tyler it is crazy. Someday they will play together. Happy Birthday Asher!