Monday, May 30, 2011

Portland Trip: OMSI

We spent a day at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and had such a blast! This is not the OMSI from MY childhood. I figured that out quickly when we forked over a small fortune to get in. But it is a truly excellent museum and worthy of the price tag. The only science-themed museum that might do it better is the Children's Museum in Pittsburgh....another favorite of ours. I loved the views of the river and the bridges from the windows (see photo above). I could have looked out the windows all day.

Even Noe liked it!

The aeronautics and water rooms were the best! Getting an annual OMSI pass will be one of the first things we do when we move back.


michelle said...

Such a fun museum. We had a lot of fun when we were there in November. I wish we had a better children's museum here.

Outside the Pumpkin Shell said...

Love! We enjoyed OMSI recently... Stacking major coupons. One of the perks of OMSI is that you can use the membership around the country. So it may even work for the place in Pittsburgh!

Also, usually around Christmas, they sell a membership for a really reasonable price. :)