Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 Things

I've developed a case of post-vacation ADHD (more on our AWESOME Portland trip later), so here are 10 Things to share:

1. A neighbor invited us to join her and her son for an ice cream treat last night. It was a beautiful spring evening and (unfortunately/fortunately - depends on the day) there is a DQ across the street from us. Asher told me he didn't want me to go because he wanted to have fun. I usually can laugh off things he says, but that one stung a bit. Fortunately, he still wanted Noe to come along. Note to self: Work to regain title of "Fun Mom."

2. Noe is working on printing his name at school. Just like hearing him say his first few words, watching him practice writing is so exhilarating. I also consider it inspired that we chose a name for him that only contains three letters.

3. I have been getting up to run with a neighbor friend at 6AM. It is such a peaceful and beautiful time of day! I love it! I freely admit that I would never be able to get up that early to run on my own. Only knowing someone is waiting on me will kick me out of bed. And I may or may not have gone back to bed after our run this morning.

4. Just as I suspected, we have not missed our cable television. Ok, maybe I should rephrase that....I have not missed the cable. Ed seems to be dealing, though. Having cable tv piped through the sports newsroom certainly helps.

5. Now that we are working hard towards a West Coast move, really good things are happening for me here. Things that are making me want to stay out East a bit longer. It is sort-of like when Ed and I got engaged and all of a sudden I was getting hit on by guys right and left. Um....where were you all when I was without a date for months at a time?

6. For a kid who blows away his teachers with his academics, Asher sure isn't very bright.
This conversation has happened more than once at our house. (At some point in the afternoon.....)
Asher: (looking guilty) Did Mrs. W email you?
Me: Yes, she did (no, she had not) Why did you do that, Asher? (no clue what he did)
Asher: I'm so sorry. I should have listened better....(leading to a full confession of his school-related sin). They have all been pretty minor infractions that he certainly would have gotten away with had he kept his mouth shut.

7. When Ed asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I told him the only thing I wanted for Mother's Day was to not have to figure out a gift for HIS mother. And I was serious. And then I started to think about all of the work involved with Mother's Day and how it mostly falls onto from kids made at school and church, luncheons, teas, etc. What a BS holiday!

8. I was more than slightly jealous when Easy Ed walked over to the White House after work to see the celebration taking place after President Obama announced binLaden's death on national television. I hope he blogs about the experience. Count me as one of those people who took great pleasure in knowing he suffered. I was surprised by my reaction, but cannot deny how I felt.

9. Speaking of confessions, I am officially a caffeine addict. I am so disappointed in myself, because I managed to go many years without developing a dependency, but now I can't focus on work in the mornings until I have knocked down a diet coke or diet dr. pepper.

10. How many more weeks until the pollen is gone? Asher and I have it bad. Asher is now the proud owner of an asthma inhaler. I am wondering if the pharmacy put the right stuff into it, however, because he laughs hysterically after he uses it.

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