Saturday, October 23, 2010

October in Photos

We've done a lot of hiking and Sunday afternoon walks on the trails. Most involve some sort of bribe for the boys to cream, bike riding.....I think I promised a trip to the playground this day. The foliage, while not as spectacular as some years, is still beautiful.

We spent some time in the District over Columbus Day weekend, mostly so I could shoot photos for a little side project (my brother and I are collaborating on a series of iPhone apps). Here are my little journalists-in-training dropping Papi off at work after a day playing tourist.

I ran a 5K to support the Virginia Walk for Autism. The entire race, I looked forward to see my little cheering squad at the end of the race, but nope....they were busy playing in the moon bounces when I crossed the finish line.

We trekked to Loudon County to find pumpkins at a real farm. The ones for sale at Trader Joes were much cooler than anything we found at the pumpkin patch. Oh well, it was a fun trip!

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