Friday, June 2, 2023

First & Last

First day of K at Hunters Woods ES (Reston, VA)

Last day of high school at McDaniel HS (Portland, OR)

Some highlights (by grade):
K - called in for a parent meeting after watching a Three Stooges marathon with his abuelo and acting out various scenes at school.
1st - played Angry Birds with friends during recess. They hurled themselves off the swings towards moving targets. Ended with a bump on his head and a call from the school nurse.
2nd - attended Donuts with Dads breakfast with Ed. When I asked him how it went he replied, “Don’t worry. Papi definitely didn’t kiss Ms. Toth” (his teacher) and then he walked away.
3rd - wrote a note on his homework to his teacher that read, “My mom said this worksheet is a waste of my time.” But still completed worksheet.
4th - refused to let me cut his hair before start of school because I "didn’t go to college for this.”
5th - told me that he didn’t want to go to middle school next year because there might be drugs there. Then he asked, “what are drugs, anyways?”
6th- tried out a new name at a new middle school. I was so confused at curriculum night when asked if I was “Paco’s” mom.
7th - walked to school on second day without his backpack. Didn’t notice until second period.
8th - flew out alone to visit his cousins in Texas before school started and boarded the wrong plane.
9th - walked home from school one day in giant Homer Simpson slippers because he traded shoes with his friend.
10th - COVID YEAR - would randomly run out of his room and then out the front door during zoom school for his online PE class. Also, took his first AP test in his bedroom. Abuelos were visiting so he listened to The Price Is Right blaring through the house through most of the exam.
11th - boarded the wrong bus on his first day at new high school and ended up in Industrial Portland. Precalc teacher yelled at him for being late on first day.
12th - *graduating
*pending his ability to find his Psychology textbook

What's next?

University of Oregon
Summit Scholar

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