Friday, December 6, 2013

Familia Guzman Dino-vember

I said an emphatic 'NO' to Elf in the Shelf when those obnoxious little elves hit the shelves.   Mostly because it felt like 'one more thing' to buy and keep up with during the holiday season.  But when I saw this, I thought....we can do this!  And we did (for a week)!  We used dinosaurs from the kids' toy closet.  Ed and I worked together to come up with fun nightly scenes of chaos and destruction (and we blatantly copied the originators as well).

Noe was 'eh' about the whole thing, but Asher LOVED it!  He was SO AMAZED by the dinosaurs antics and you could see his mind trying to logically solve the puzzle of how these toy dinosaurs could create middle-of-the-night chaos.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from that week.....

Dino breakfast cereal heist

Taking the plunge

Morning beauty routine

Strummin' Ed's guitar

Art class

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