Saturday, March 3, 2012

over cheerios on a Saturday morning

Asher: Hey, Mom...
Me: Yes?
Asher: Do you remember that thing?
Me: What thing?
Asher: You know...that's like a website but you don't have to type any just press a button. Sometimes there is a blue screen but you can keep pressing the button and there are all these shows you can watch.
Me: [Pause] You mean television?
Asher: Oh yeah....TELEVISION! I miss the television! Can we have it again?

Lest you think we are raising a couple of media-starved weirdos, they watch plenty of neuron-killing junk, but on our laptop or iPad or iTouch. Overpriced cable tv is officially dead at Casa Guzman.

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Ami said...

Hahah..oh boy. I was trying to figure it out before I read it...never would have guessed! I remember thinking (prekids)...MY kids aren't going to watch Spongebob and Dora! Yeah right. That flew out the window when we discovered Baby Einstein videos and the history!