Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching Up: Mt. Vernon and My First Quasi-Feminist Conversation with Asher

In late August, Ed's parents came to visit. To keep everyone busy and happy, Ed planned some day trips. Unfortunately, I was at the height of my summer work chaos, and missed out on the fun.

Ed hypothesized that his parents would like Mt. Vernon, and he was correct. What surprised both of us was how much the boys enjoyed it as well. Asher had a lot to tell me when I arrived home from work after their visit.

"Did you know that George Washington has a great, great big house house next to the river and she helped fight the Reds and make the country free, and she was our First President......"

Hold on. She? Asher, George Washington was a man.

"Really? But I mean he....had really long hair."

Asher, that was how men wore their hair a long time ago. They grew it long and wore a braid.

"Oh." (pause for thinking) "Well, why can't a girl be a president?"

Of course a woman can be President.

"Well, have there ever been a girl President." (Yeah....we need to work on grammar and proper gender identification)

Not yet.

"Well, why not?"

I'm not exactly sure. It is hard for some people to want a woman president. They think it is a job only for a man. But they are wrong. I think we will have a woman president someday soon.

"Well, I hope so."

I do too, Asher.*

*as long as she isn't a right-wing Republican