Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Married to a sports journalist

Scene: early Monday morning, our bedroom

Me: Don't forget, Noe has speech therapy this's your turn to take him.

Ed: Actually, can you take him? I have an interview this afternoon.

Me: (grrr.....). Is it really important? I have a ton of stuff to do.... who are you interviewing, anyways?

Ed: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Me: Oh. Crap. You win.

Catch Ed blogging on Wizards Insider, including his upcoming book review of When the Game Was Ours.


Erika said...

Seriously...he didn't mention he was interviewing these basketball greats the moment he found out? That's crazy. Ed for sure has one of those cool jobs kids wants...and adults!

Jen said...

Actually, it happened pretty last minute. Otherwise, I would have heard about it.

Beth said...

So cool.

Anonymous said...

If Ed was interviewing Danny Ainge, Noe woudnt have made it to speech therapy.... hope you enjoyed it! love, Aunti Jan