Saturday, December 6, 2008

Starting New Holiday Traditions

Last night Ed and I dropped the boys off at an undisclosed location and went off to explore
Historic Leesburg. We perused through the coolest antique stores I've ever visited, enjoyed the holiday decorations, had a colonial-style feast at a local restaurant, were caroled to by people in period dress while eating, found a bakery selling gingerbread men, and enjoyed the general merry atmosphere. Ed has an office in a WaPost bureau located just a couple blocks off the historic district so we walked over there so I could see it for the first time. It looked a little lonely as he doesn't frequent it as often as the others due to the overall lack of free food. The bureau was empty, but don't worry, we didn't make out in Ed's office with the door locked and shades down or anything like that.

We had a great time together and vowed to do this every year, our own little holiday tradition sans little people who break antiques and don't enjoy fine cuisine.

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Kage said...

Cool. I just saw a show on Leavenworth, WA, and wondered if you had ever been that a stupid question? Sometimes I get Oregon and WA confused and figure they are like the same place....Anyway, if you have, how does it compare to Leesburg? I told DH we were going to Leavenworth some year in December, he wants me to find a place a little closer.