Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ed returned from NYC in time to celebrate Christmas Eve with us. He brought home some really fun gifts for the boys. Noe got the "N" for Noe t-shirt. The N-train was the main line we used from our beloved little Astoria apartment. We lived here for the final year of our 4-year New York stint. Asher got the 7-train that fits onto his Thomas tracks. We rode the 7-train for our first three years living in the city. This was also the train line he rode home from the hospital. The box packaging advertised the train as "safe, sturdy and fun!"
Hmm...those three words don't come to mind when I think about my time riding the real 7-train.

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beth said...

I love that. I wonder if you can order those trains on line somewhere. I'll have to search around.