Monday, December 29, 2008

post office

I was at the post office today and had the following conversation with the post office worker, all while trying to mail my package and wrangle my boys:

POW (Post Office Worker): Wow....your boys look nothing like you! They sure are cute....

Me: Umm...Thanks?

POW: Look at those eyes....beautiful! They really don't look like you at all.

Me: Ummm.....ok.

POW: Your husband is Asian, right?

Me: Actually, no. He's Hispanic.

POW: No....those kids are definitely Asian.

Me: No. They're Hispanic.

POW: Are you sure?

[I probably get asked if the boys are Asian once a week....and I understand completely why people might make that assumption with their almond-shaped eyes and dark hair, but this is the first time that someone has actually rejected my response.]


Elise said...

Jen, this is hysterical. Whoever your boys look like, they are both endearingly good-looking. Thanks for sharing!

Kage said...

It's like when I was pregnant and a dinner guest I was seated next to, and did not know, asked me what I was naming the baby. I said: Daisy Jane. She replied:

Oh, well, you'll call her Jane.

It's like I was assigned a baby and a name to go with it, and the first name was so undesirable, that I would naturally choose to call her by her much preferred given middle name...

Gotta love the post office.

Razzy said...

What would we do without people like this? We would have nothing to talk/write about!

TftCarrie said...


Your boys are cute though - a perfect combination of the both of you.