Tuesday, December 9, 2008

little people update

A little update on the midget freeloaders who bunk downstairs....

noe: is quite the comedian these days. his favorite joke is turning the light out on us and then running away in hysterical laughter. his other favorite joke is doing his puzzles, and then putting the very last piece in the wrong way, also in hysterical laughter. Ok, so he won't be on Comedy Central anytime soon....but this is a big step up from his 2s and 3s which were mostly spent in tears and blank stares (for both me and noe).

asher: is really into practicing his writing and spelling skills at the moment. i was pretty happy to see this because he hadn't previously shown a lot of interest in drawing and coloring (as in most of his coloring books and crayons look way too new). we spent the better part of last week spelling out the names of all 20 kids in his preschool class. the last couple of days he has stepped it up a notch. instead of simply writing names, he wants to record details of his day at school. "asher's mom (yes, that's what he calls me now)....how spell... C no share scooter?.....how spell L push me and i fell and cry?.... how spell.... M forgot helmet today and can't ride scooter?" I am more and more convinced asher is preparing to write a preschool expose.

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Jen's DH said...

Jen forgot to add that Noe actually punk'd me on his puzzle piece ruse. It was the last piece and he kept putting it in wrong, and I was getting visably annoyed, and the whole time Noe has this serious face. Then, all of a sudden, he cracked a smile and started laughing at me!

If not Comedy Central, then maybe MTV, as Ashton Kutcher's successor.

As for Asher, well, I hope this isn't a sign that he wants to be a journalist someday. If the kid does go into the family business, I'm gonna be like Brando sitting in the garden with Pacino in "The Godfather."

Me: "And you, Asher, I never, I never wanted this for you. I thought that maybe when it was your time that YOU would be the one to hold the strings. Governor Guzman, Senator Guzman, something..."