Sunday, December 21, 2008

el patio, empanadas, christmas lights and creches

We've had to modify our holiday schedule a bit with Ed's insane work schedule and a steady run of head colds, conjunctivitis and other and ailments, but last night the Guzman 4 was out in force!

We started our night at El Patio with empanadas and Argentine club soccer on their big-screen TV. We arrived for the second half a crucial playoff showdown between Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo. We watched a great match (3-1, Boca) and learned that Asher can shout "GOOOOAAAL" with the volume and passion of the very drunkest of Argentine soccer fans.

One thing I love about living in a city with the diversity of DC or New York is that you can transport yourself to that country without actually traveling there. This is great when you have young kids, or lack of time or money (or all three, in our case), but wish to escape the suburban bubble for awhile. That evening, we might as well have been sitting in cafe in B.A. watching soccer and sipping mate with the locals.

Sufficiently stuffed with empanadas and arroz, we drove over to the Festival Lights at the Washington, DC temple. It is one of the most popular DC holiday attractions, and they really do a great job. My favorites were the live nativity and the international creche exhibit. When we were looking for a parking spot, we drove by the temple entrance and saw a group of Japanese tourists with an aresenal of cameras trying to enter the temple. Oops!

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