Monday, September 15, 2008

Food Trail

Ed is working between three offices right now - the Post headquarters in downtown DC, the website office in Arlington and the Loundon County bureau. Luckily, we live in an area that isn't more than half an hour away from any of these offices, and both the Post headquarters and website office are right off the Metro.

Ed tends to go to the same offices on the same days. For example, he is usually at the website on Mondays and downtown on Tuesdays. I figured that he scheduled offices based on the ebb and flow of the news cycle. Nope. He decides where he is going based on the possibility of free food.

Mondays are free bagel days at the website. Tuesdays are full of meetings downtown, and inevitably offer leftovers. Fridays are pb&j days at the website. He tends not to make it past his side of the bed on Friday nights after he's been working at the website. As for free food at the Loudon, there isn't much....he works out there as little as possible.

If newspapers fold anytime soon, I think Ed will miss.....the free bagels.

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