Friday, December 19, 2008

Ethnic Family

The boys are getting a wooden dollhouse found on craigslist from Santa this year. I ordered a few accessories to go with it, including this ethnic family. I wanted their "play family" to reflect their own, and decided this was a close fit. That is...until it came in the mail and I looked at the mama doll and remembered that I am, in fact, a white woman with green eyes and brownish-blond hair who would blend in unnoticed in most northern european countries.

Do you think they would let me exchange just the mama doll for one in the white family? Maybe there is an untouched market for mix-and-match doll families....I'd better get on that business plan ASAP!


RCH said...

No kidding! I've got two friends with Eurasian families (one white girl with a Chinese DH; one Chinese girl married to a WASPy DH) who were just saying the same thing.

You should definitely get right on that. You know, in all your free time. :-)

Kage said...

Darn, I just gave away my plan dolls white family, I could have send you a mom and some cousins!