Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Shoot

A couple of friends in my ward are thinking of starting a photography business and asked if they could photograph my boys. I was really pleased with their work and thankful for their wonderful gift.

I retract my claim that it is impossible to get good photos of Noe. You just have to know what you are doing with a camera.


Jolene said...

Wow! Those pictures are fabulous. They really did a great job. Your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

TftCarrie said...

So beautiful! The one of Asher on the tire swing and the extreme close-up of Noe are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

The boys did a great job, they are so natural. I loved the bare feet in the puddles and the brothers in the 3 sequence, actually, I loved them all. I am not use to Noe having short hair. Tell the photographers they're hired! Love, Aunti Jan