Thursday, September 18, 2008

Market Crashes and Long Naps

So what does someone who has an unhealthy obsession with the stock market and her family's finances do when the sky is falling around her?

Well....on Monday I spent most of the day curled up with my laptop in the fetal position, watching the market's slide with shock and horror. Yesterday, when it became apparent that the markets were in for another meltdown, I took a very long run while Asher was in preschool, then an equally long nap when he got home. He was pretty excited about an afternoon of unregulated Thomas the train dvd viewing. I also grabbed some extra hours at work that evening, just to keep my distance from my laptop.
I'm not so worried about the stock market drop itself. We have decades to go before we will need to access that money. I have no doubt it will recover a hundred fold. I am worried about the fallout.... job loses, shrinking school budgets, etc. etc. I am also so regretting our home purchase. It is going to take too many years to break even on what should have been an easy, safe investment. We didn't even buy at the top of the market.

I still think back to our sleazy mortgage broker trying to talk us into a crappy loan and saying that we were foolish to put down 20% on our house when there were so many 0% down loans available. I have been very tempted over the past couple of months to go back to his office and ask how business is going and if he still thought we were fools....

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katrina said...

you mean if he even still has an office. this is really where the greed started. brokers and agents. in the end I blame greenspan :)