Sunday, September 21, 2008


Asher's newest reply to a question is "Of course I can't." Asher, would you clean up your mess, please? Of course I can't. Asher, would you like some chocolate milk? Of course I can't. The funniest part is that he thinks he is saying "yes" when he is actually saying "no."

Noe's teacher sent home a note last week that read something along the lines of...."Noe has been derobing whenever he is asked to stand up. We need to discuss this matter." Annoyed and slightly nervous she thought Noe was a little pervert, I emailed her. Apparently, he has been pulling down his pants when asked to stand up. I thought about it awhile, and realized that the only time we ask him to stand up is when he is getting dressed. He was jumping ahead in his directions. We have stopped giving him verbal directions when he is getting dressed. If that doesn't work, I may have to face the possibility that I have a little flasher for a son. The funniest part of the situation is that his teacher kept using the word "derobing." I kept picturing Noe in a judge's robe.

One afternoon last week I was fighting a horrible sinus infection and I wanted to take a nap before Noe got home from school. I set up Asher with a train dvd and begged him to watch it so I could sleep. He watched for a few minutes and then started to come upstairs. Still desperate for sleep, I started thinking fast as I heard his little feet climbing the stairs up to our bedroom. I buried myself deep under the blankets and waited. He predictably jumped on the bed and started shouting, "WAKE UP BABA!" I calmly replied, "Asher, I'm not asleep. I am busy building a train tunnel." He totally fell for it. "Oh, ok Baba," he said and went back downstairs to let me sleep. An hour later he brought all of his trains up to play in the "tunnel" I was supposed to be "building." I think he was a little disappointed in my work.

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