Monday, September 1, 2008

The Last Two Weeks in Numbers

The boys and I have had a lot of time together these past two weeks since my summer employment ended. Abuela went back to LA and Ed's "busy season" at work began in full force at that time as well. Here is a look at the last two weeks in numbers:

45 minutes..... length of time the boys lasted at the National Zoo. It took us 40 minutes to ride the metro and to walk up the Woodley Park hill to even GET to the zoo!!!

8 ... number of trips to the neighborhood pool.

6 ... number of McDonalds Happy Meals consumed.

85 degrees. The average temperature over the past two weeks (my approximation). The weather was amazingly mild for this time of year, but I'm still ready for fall.

18 ... number of books and videos checked out of our local library.

8:00am. My average morning wake-up.

7:00am. The boys' average morning wake-up.

42 ... number of juice boxes consumed on outings.

98 ... number of times Asher asked when his school starts.

1000 .... number of times I repeated the words "I can get through the next two weeks" to myself.


Michelle said...

What kind of work have you been doing Jen? Is it more of Kaplan?

The end of August seems to drag out for me and it always feels great when Sept rolls around and we're back to school schedules. This year, we planned our vacation to go to the end of August and it made the summer fly by.

Congratultions on making it to sept! Is Noe in kindergarten this year?

Jen said...


Yeah, the thought crossed my mind a few thousand times that it would have been nice to be on vacation.. we'll have to plan better next year. Hope you had a nice trip!

I worked for a nonprofit summer enrichment program for middle & high school aged kids. They offer classes in everything from robotics to SAT prep to math. I taught last summer. This summer I was the director of one of the campuses. It was a little stressful, but I mostly enjoyed it.

Noe started kindergarten today. It wasn't that dramatic of transition because he's been attending preschool and summer school programs since he turned three. But he does have a new teacher and a new school. He spends 3/4 time in an autism classroom and 1/4 in a regular kindergarten. We will gradually keep moving towards full inclusion. He has a ways to go before he is ready for that, however.

Melissa said...

love that you almost spent as much time (and probably A LOT more energy) just getting to the zoo! Outings like that make for...good....memories?

jen's DH said...

One number to add:

1,000: the number of times I was asked when I'd be coming home.

(I kid because I love!)

15: bike rides, out of 15, that I had to hold back tears of joy. Seeing Noe own the bike never gets old. And he would ride for hours if we let him.