Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life and Trains

Asher and I were hanging out one recent morning. We were in our office/guest room looking at family pictures I have arranged on a bookshelf.

He noticed this picture of his grandparents. It is taken just a couple of months before my dad's death and it is one of the few I have of my parents together. I asked him who was in the picture. He replied "Grandma and Grandpa" (he knows his grandfather from pictures). Then he said, "They hugging."

I am constantly asking Asher questions to increase his language and avoid more speech therapy bills in our home, so I asked, "Why do you think they are holding each other?"

Asher's reply: "Oh...well...Grandma wants to play trains, but Grandpa no want her to."

Of course, Asher. That makes perfect your world.

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