Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What We Watch

We are not TV snobs around here. OK, maybe except for the boys. They have never really gotten into TV.... much to my chagrin when I just need them to be silent and still for a few minutes.

But Ed and I, we are TV people. I don't have the attention span to watch an entire movie and I like the anticipation of looking forward to a favorite show. And with Ed working through most evenings, our opportunities to go out on the town are limited. So when the boys are in bed and I am too tired to accomplish anything else for the day, I grab the remote. The DVR was the single best invention of the last 20 years, in my opinion. Ok, maybe just behind the Internet.

This doesn't mean we watch whatever is on. There is a lot of trash covering those hidden gems.

Here is our Fall TV line-up:

Mad Men. This may be my favorite show of all time. This season, so far, has been spectacular. The show is layered and nuanced and beautiful. The characters and dialogue are outstanding. I never "got" the whole Don Draper thing until a recent episode when he was shown outside the NY Athletic Club in a suit and aviator sunglasses to the song "Satisfaction" and I suddenly felt the need for a cold shower. Another thing I never "got" completely was why I was supposed to be so grateful for the women's movement. After watching the women of the show working their way through the 1960's, I finally get it. I get it. I get it. I get it.

Friday Night Lights. We won't see the season on regular TV until the Spring, but we're looking forward to the final season. The Taylors have great chemistry. The stories of the players are compelling. I'm so glad this show lived to decide its own fate.

Glee. The plot lines are stupid and exaggerated but the music more than compensates. And what a racket. I-tunes releases, concerts, merchandise.

The Middle. I randomly discovered this show last season and I think it is adorably funny. It is your average family TV sitcom with a little more smarts and quirk. Little boy Brick, bless his heart!

Modern Family. Ok, I still haven't actually watched this show. But everyone tells me I have to.

The Good Wife
. Mr. Big and the pretty nurse from ER are married and trying to weather a political scandal together. Love this show!

Saying goodbye to....

The Office. Even the awesome wedding show last season wasn't enough to keep it off our hit list.
Desperate Housewives. Is there really anyone still alive on Wisteria Lane?
Brothers and Sisters. Worst soap opera on TV. What a waste of a talented cast.


Beth said...

Agreed Brothers and Sisters is getting old. This season I really love Parenthood. It's kinda my new B&S.

Love The Middle, too. And obviously Modern Family. I think this should be the last season of The Office.

Sometime Adam and I will watch the Mad Men dvds... I know it's probably an awesome show, but we never got into it. Heard great things about Friday Night Lights, too.

And our teen show is sadly, Vampire Diaries. We both like it.

Jen said...

I have watched Parenthood once or twice and thought it was a lot like Brothers and Sisters when it was good. I like that they have a child character with Asbergers Syndrome and everything I've seen and heard says they do a great job with it. Maybe I'll add it to my "list."

We also watch House and 30 Rock. Forgot to put those on the list.

Sara said...

I ADORE Mad Men. Love it from beginning to end. And people keep telling me to watch Modern Family but I still haven't gotten into it. Sam got me into Friday Night Lights and now I love it.

I gave up on House years ago; the medical mysteries became laughably bizarre. But House is with Cuddy now right? That's kind of hot. I may have to revisit it. And 30 Rock is always funny - that's a staple in our house :)