Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best of Summer 2010 in Photos, Part 1

There is Easy Ed holding a "press conference" for the digital journalism students at Fairfax Collegiate. He was very nice to do it after a long night's work and no sleep in sight.

Virginia Beach, August 2010. I think Noe could have stayed out on that board in the middle of the ocean until Labor Day.

Virginia Beach, August 2010. Photos taken of both boys together often reveal how protective Asher is of his older brother. I LOVE this photo....
June 2010. We tried to use the metro system a lot during our time in LA because there is a new stop just three blocks from Abuelos house. It was a fun way to navigate the city. Here are the boys dressed in their LA uniforms coming back from Olviera Street.

July 2010. I love this picture of Asher at his Abuelos house. He looks like any kid in Mexico,
with his flip flops and soccer ball. Except he was in LA. And his Spanish could be better. And he won't eat most Mexican foods. And his abuelos won't let us cross the border right now.

May 2010. Swimming at Lake Fairfax. End-of-school picnic. Pretty sure that water really isn't
clean enough to be swimming in.....

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