Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Daze

First Day Giggles

Things are always interesting when Noe and Asher start a new school year, and this year has not disappointed. Some highlights so far:

*Asher walked into his class on the first day of school and loudly announced, "I'm Here...."

*Noe lost ALL of his school supplies somewhere between the bus and his classroom on the first day of school. I had to have a school supply shopping REDO and it was even LESS fun the second time around.

*We had some slight fog one morning and Asher insisted on taking a flashlight for the walk to school. And not the little mini flashlight. He needed the mega we-only-get-this-baby-out-for-hurricanes flashlight.

*Our typical morning plan involves Noe and I walking Asher to his school and hurrying back in time for Noe to catch his bus. On Day 6, I was pulling Noe along towards his bus stop because we were running a little late and he face planted the ground. Skinned knees, ankles, hands ..... skinned everything. I tried to clean him up, but when Noe saw his bus, he wanted nothing to do with me. I'm sure his teacher wondered why the heck I sent him to school covered in blood.

*Asher is pretty closed lipped about his kindergarten experience thus far, which surprises me because he would tell me every detail of his preschool day. He says he likes it, but the day is "too long." I totally agree. What few details I get out of him, need translation. He likes eating at the "lunchroom basement" (cafeteria) and doing "field time" (recess) and yesterday they did "laughing arts" (language arts - he must have been reading a schedule).

*Yesterday Asher did tell me that some lady "NOT Mrs. Washington!" (his teacher) took him out of class to talk and practice reading. I think he was getting tested for ESOL. We received a letter from the school informing us that we had been racially profiled and Asher would be tested. A part of me wishes that his Spanish was good enough for this to even be an issue!

*I received a colorful and detailed daily schedule from Noe's first-year teacher. There is a block of time after lunch each day allotted to yoga. Good luck with that, First Year Teach!

*Both of my boys have issues with public restrooms and I should have anticipated it would be a problem at school. Noe will only go at the very last minute (thank goodness he has a bathroom in his classroom) and Asher hasn't gone at all! He goes before school and holds it until he gets home. Kid has an XL size bladder. I asked Asher what he was going to do if he had to go during the school day and he told me he planned to run home really really fast. Some days I half-expect to see Asher's little face at the door, even though I emphatically explained that running home was NOT an option. My sister suggested I send a florescent yellow vest for him to wear so at least he'd be safe crossing the streets!

Best story of all:

Mondays are half days of school. For Noe, this means he has a different bus driver and route on Mondays compared to the other days. On the first Monday of the school year, I got a call on my cell phone from the Transportation Office saying that the bus was waiting at the stop with Noe while I was finishing up a run. Panicked, I sprinted the last two blocks. I was completely puzzled because the call had come only 5 minutes after Noe's school day ended and it takes at least 10 minutes for me to drive him to his school (and a bus would take even longer). When I got to his stop, there was no bus and no Noe. I called the office back, trying to locate Noe. After being transferred and put on hold for more than a half-an-hour, I finally had someone's word that they would contact the bus driver and call me back. An hour later, after receiving no call, Noe's bus pulled up. I rushed out to discover that the bus was late, and it had never arrived the first time. I had received the call by mistake. The transportation assistant then pointed to Noe and asked me, "Are you Paul's mother?" I replied, "This is Noe, and yes, I am his mother." She then looks at the bus driver and says, "There is a mistake. We can't give her this child. His name is Paul." Whaa....? I then boarded the bus and showed her the label on Noe's backpack. She looked confused and said, "Well, his folder says his name is Paul Frank." I had purchased Noe a school folder similar in design to this one.

I still don't know whether to laugh at her mistake or cry because my son is in her care.


kristie sessions said...

oh no! that last story has me laughing/crying for both the same reasons! Heaven help our children as we send them out the door each day! Have a great school year!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh I love all these stories!!! So great Jen. Good luck with all the transitions. This is our last year before Tyler is in Kindergarten --- crazy how time flies.

Sara said...

The last story is CLASSIC. And ever. so. frightening.

Glad that you got Paul Frank back...oh, and Noe :)