Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Turkey Talk

We had a really fab Thanksgiving this year.....our first in our new home (last year we spent Thanksgiving in LA with the abuelos). Our good friends from Pittsburgh, the Norths, came down to spend the holiday with us.

We started the day with a service project. The community center across the street had a massive canned food drive and needed help sorting and categorizing the food for delivery. It was very well organized .....playing to my anal retentive ways.....and there was a great spirit among the volunteers. We were very efficient and done in about 45 minutes. My kind of service.

Next, we went ice skating in our town's outdoor mall/gathering place. We all had a great time! Noe was pretty comfortable in his skates, Asher less so....and Ed....well....he gave a great effort for his first time!

Somewhere in the day we got dinner ready. We had friends from our ward, the Jensons, over as well....and we seemed to make the crowd work in our little house. Despite my general anti-socialness, Thanksgiving is not a time I like to be it was good to be surrounded by friends.

Today, we are enjoying one more day with our friends. We will probably hike down to the lake and take them to the Air & Space Museum annex that is near our house. Matt & Joanne's girls have been so great with our little guys and we have enjoyed their company a lot. We will hate to see them go.


Beth said...

Is the skating at Reston Town Center?? I think I recognize it. So fun!

Jen said...

Yep, it's Reston Town's just a mile from our house. We bike there in the summers for ice cream.