Thursday, November 6, 2008

Post Election Notes

*There is such a great feeling in the air since the election on Tuesday. I know that the initial euphoria will end, but it's hard to not love being an American right now and it's hard not to be optimistic that a better future is ahead of us. I can't even imagine what this election means to African Americans. Listening to interviews with former civil right leaders have been among my favorite part of this election aftermath.

*Guess who shed the most tears during Obama's acceptance speech? Well, it wasn't the "hormonal woman" and the boys were asleep if that gives you a clue.

*Speaking of Ed, I think he is determined to make me sick of our president-elect before inaguration by playing clips of his old speeches and interviews non-stop in our house.

*After Obama's acceptance speech, news commentators kept referring to the rush of people who would be headed to Washington. They predicted a lot of talented people who were currently in the private sector, would seek out Washington to lend their hand to the "movement." Something along these same lines occurred during the Kennedy administration. My first thoughts were along the lines of ..... maybe housing prices will finally start to recover for us with all of these people coming! Perhaps I haven't quite caught the vision of the movement yet.

*The only downside to this election for us was the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Rather than write an entire rant, I will just say that we were saddened by this outcome.


Jen's DH said...

Well, speaking as a minority, my tears were real and came from a deep place. But this moment was for all Americans, a profound and beautiful moment.

Even when all signs pointed to an Obama victory in the final days, I refused to believe it. Jen thought I had lost my mind, but when you've literally never seen it happen before, you didn't want to get your hopes up.

It seemed harsh, but until that election got called, that was the America I knew. And then it all changed so beautifully.

Not that discrimination is suddenly over. Not that I won't continue to have my guard up in certain situations as I go about my life as a son of Mexican immigrants in this country.

But I can take ENORMOUS pride knowing that one more barrier came tumbling down on Tuesday and more important, that my kids will grow up thinking it's not so shocking to have a black president.

Beth said...

Jen - I would love to hear your thoughts on Prop 8 sometime. It has been so hard for me. I totally respect you, and the way you think on so many issues seems to be in-line with how I think. Anyway, if you ever feel like "ranting" or writing an email on your thoughts, send it over to me. Even though at the same time - my head might explode if I hear anything else about Prop 8. It is totally out of control.

Beth said...

PS - It is just a crazy time to live in Cali. And yes, Obama's speech was amazing and I am so happy that he is our next President. I love Ed's thoughts. And my favorite moment was when they announced the next first family of the United States and out came Obama, Michelle Obama, and their gorgeous girls. It was an awesome sight for sure!

Karen said...

Jen -

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