Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Week in Snow

I suddenly feel like I live at a Rocky Mountain ski resort. Thirty-three inches of snow in Reston this past weekend, with a second storm (this one officially a blizzard) likely to bring us another foot by day's end. Then we'll have a break this weekend with more snow expected on Monday.

It has been quite an adventure. We lost power for a better part of the weekend. I have to literally climb a snow drift and slide down on my *ss in order to reach our grocery store and then pray that it's open and there is food on the shelves. We haven't seen our mail carrier, garbage service or newspaper in days. In fact, our mailbox is buried in a huge drift of snow. Hopefully, we don't have any unpaid bills lying frozen inside. Oh yeah, and school.....oh dear school how I love you and miss you so. My kids haven't been to school for so long they probably won't be able to recognize their teachers when they finally come back.

The past week has been at different moments.....a relaxing, unexpected vacation, great memories made with our kids, anxiety for a husband who has had to be in the newsroom at various points during the week, a huge test of my parental patience, and precious time to complete projects before my own job gets more and more demanding over the next few months.

A few of the things I want to remember....

*the boys loving the snow tunnels made by the neighbor kids in back of us
*making Asher put on a bike helmet so he could do his extreme sledding on the snow banks
*the boys needing hot chocolate and cookies EVERY time they venture outside, even if they're only gone for five minutes
*lots of board games and Asher making up new rules for games so Noe could more easily play
*RCC opening up the pool across the street from our house yesterday. It felt so good to get some real exercise and get out of the house. Noe must have floated on his back in a state of Zen for an entire hour.
*looking out my front window late last night and seeing Ed paying a cab and then trudging through the snow towards our house (we thought he would be working downtown and staying at a hotel until Thursday).
*our picnic dinner of bagels, carrots and hummus and pop tarts over candle light last weekend when we were sans electricity.

There are a few things I don't want to remember as well.....but overall, we've been fortunate. That we can all be in the house together for so long and not kill each other is pretty good in itself .


A Year in the Life Of... said...

It sounds like a real fun time. I am sure the boys are loving the adventure, but also the time with you and Ed. I hope you are able to eventually go back to school.... one of these days, but you never know. With more snow on Monday you may not see school until March.
But remember, the Olympics Start on Friday... so something will be on TV other than Soap Operas. I wish I was at home getting ready to watch while snowed in.

Beth said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys have there. What an adventure. I'm sure it would make me stir crazy. That's awesome you have a pool across the street though. Good luck digging yourselves out.