Monday, February 1, 2010

So today is February 1st and.....

Asher has already finished making Valentines for his entire class. Such a planner that kid.

I am already signing kids up for summer camps and planning our Disneyextravaganza in June. It seems light years away.

if I had made any New Years resolutions, I surely would have broken them by now. As it is, I am already behind on training for my first triathlon in April.

Ed is officially 11 months away from being vested in his company's defined benefits pension plan. I'm the daughter of a pension actuary, so that's just the way I roll. (Plus, I am still a little bitter that we missed the vesting period at the NY Times by just a few months).

we've already had four snow storms this winter, with another monster storm on the way this weekend. This morning I took the boys on a hike down to our neighborhood lake and we trudged through snow in order to reach the lake which was completely frozen over. I remember when Ed and I were discussing our possible move to DC and he asked me about the winters. I, having lived through a single snowless winter in DC after my college graduation replied, "It's the South, they rarely get snow."

today marks our 3rd anniversary of homeownership. I would like a divorce.

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