Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our New Normal

'New Normal' seems to be a phrase that has popped up a lot during this past recession. Our 'New Normal' is more about how life has changed for us since I started working. I'm only working about 25 hours a week, but apparently those are 25 hours I really did need, because life suddenly got very busy for us! It's strange because it seems even busier than the summertime, when I work full time. Maybe because the boys are in school right now and busy with activities?

Anyways, here is a glimpse of our New Normal:

1. The preschool moms know Ed better than me. He's the one with the preschool gossip and the paint on his hands from going into the classroom to help out. He's even a regular at their monthly class coffees.

2. Every time I enter my house nowdays, I mutter under my breath about needing a house cleaning service.

3. The boys and I have learned to keep an extra stash of underwear and socks because Ed is in charge of the laundry now.

4. Store-bought bread and Trader Joe's frozen meals. Wait a second....that's not New, just Normal around these parts.

5. Running around the house with my cell phone, trying desperately to find a quiet room in order to take a work call.

6. Putting together work outfits before bed. That is so much fun after years of wearing mostly mom clothes. Ironically, the office I work from is pretty casual and mostly male and I really doubt they care what I am wearing.

Despite the added stress of another job in the house, overall it's been a great work experience so far. I am doing marketing and other projects for a small company (the same company I work for during the summer). I love the intimacy and work environment of start-up businesses. One minute I am answering phones, the next I am putting together a marketing strategy. It is some seriously great experience that my resume desperately needed. Plus I enjoy the people and believe in the mission of the company. And it is a 10 minute commute, one I will do by bike once Fairfax County finally gets around to shoveling the snow off the bike trails. I am enjoying the work-life balance right now, even though I expect to drop a few balls before the juggling act is over.


A Year in the Life Of... said...

Yeah Jen. I am glad you are enjoying life as a working mom and getting out of the house and feel like you are participating in the company. I am also really excited that it a job that will grow with you over the long haul. Best wishes.

Beth said...

This is a good post Jen. I am contemplating teaching music a couple days a week, in addition to being a full time mom and apartment manager, so I'm anticipating things getting busier - in a good way I would hope. And I was super busy before the holidays and Adam was making a little more money so we hired a cleaning service for the past three months (just once a month and then we do light cleaning in between). Worth every single penny. I highly recommend it!

Jen said...

Beth - seriously thinking about the cleaning service. I keep thinking after we have a little more in college funds, etc....but at that rate it will never happen. It would do a lot for my peace of mind.


juggling is never perfect...but the energy that comes into life when things come more into balance is awesome! : ) Get the cleaning's well worth it!