Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Update for Feb 12 (Valentine's Day edition)


This Week I Loved...... going out to Community Canteen for breakfast w Jen (aww...good answer!)
Currently on my nightstand.... John Wooden: On Leadership
Valentine's Day Plans? Breakfast in bed w Jen (or possibly w my BFF podcast buddies and my iPad....depending on Jen's work situation that day)
Best pickup line.... "Did you know that Deaven George is the only Laker to win a championship every year of his career?" (Yeah, really....that is his best....)


This Week I Loved...... still thinking..... not a great week. Breakfast w Easy Ed was nice, though. Yummy veggie omelet.
Currently on my nightstand.... Last two books in Hunger Games series, The Book of Mormon Girl
Valentine's Day Plans? (See above)
Best pickup line.... "I don't know, Babes, I just washed the sheets."


This Week I Loved...... swimming lessons on Saturday morning, baking heart-shaped sugar cookies w Mom and Asher and stealing copious amounts of dough
Currently on my nightstand....whatever my teacher sends home and makes me read (not a big book fan right now)
Valentine's Day Plans? Par-TaY with my multi-aged autism peeps. 10:15AM sharp (snack time). BYOS (Bring Your Own Stim....just a little autism humor)
Best pickup line.... "Give me CANDY!"


This Week I Loved...... finishing a kick-a$ 100 Days of School project (drawing a world map and labeling 100 countries on his own), going to Target to spend allowance and birthday money and then handing the cashier ALL of his money when he only needed half, Quote from the toy aisle: "Oh...this is a very hard choice!"
Currently on my nightstand.... Shel Silverstein, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Valentine's Day Plans? Watching Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown and stuffing face full of V-day candy
Best pickup line.... "Hey, how's it doin'?" (he really says that...)

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This is carrie said...

Just ordered The Book of Mormon Girl. Can't wait to read it.