Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly update for Feb 5 (Superbowl Sunday)


Best Thing This Week: Great convo with former boss
What's On My Mind: Superbowl, upcoming trip to Orlando, finishing my honey-do list (Jen wishes)
Superbowl Prediction: "Madonna will not have a wardrobe malfunction."
Was Punxsutawney Phil correct...six more weeks of winter? "It feels like we've barely had six weeks of winter as it is...."


Best Thing This Week:
Hearing Noe say "Mom" several times, and a couple of times he wasn't even angry with me! Getting Asher to practice the piano every day without protest (that NEVER happens)
What's On My Mind: our ever-rising food bill (can't keep the boys full and they don't weigh 90 lbs combined), staying in DC versus moving to the West Coast, work crap, my never-ending sinus infection, my new awesome Banana Republic thrift store jeans, Hunger Games (great read or too Twilightish?), getting back on the bike, surviving the next while without my tag-team partner.
Superbowl Prediction: n/a (I hate football)
Was Punxsutawney Phil Correct? "Hell yeah....I want to wear my new REI snow boots at least once this winter!"


Best Thing This Week: Lake Anne hike with Mom and Dad while Asher was away with his BFF.
What's On My Mind: How to permanently rid my life of Asher (hike w Mom & Dad was fun!), sneaking my iPad into my school bag so I can play games and listen to music there, is there a more perfect food than spaghetti?
Superbowl Prediction: "That I will eat all the nachos and drink all the root beer before halftime."
Was Punxsutawney Phil Correct? "No way, Jose. Winter does not agree with my Latin blood!"


Best Thing This Week:
Kicking booty during Family Game Night
What's On My Mind: 100 Day Project for school, convincing Mom to be a contestant on Winter Wipeout with me, lunch and soccer with BFF, sneaking into North Korea (I warned him that President Clinton may not be available to negotiate his release)
Superbowl Prediction: "New York, because that is where I got born. The New York City."
Was Punxsutawney Phil Correct? "Yes, he saw his shadow. Do you know how to spell Punxsutawney? I do. P-U-N-X..."

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