Saturday, June 4, 2011

Portland Trip: Visiting Grandparents

One of the greatest blessings of my life has been my grandparents. I grew up just a couple miles away from both sets. They are threaded throughout my childhood memories. I feel extremely fortunate that I have three of them still in my life (my Grandma Razz passed away last year). We were able to watch several Blazer playoff games with my Grandpa Razz, who now lives with my aunt and uncle in Oregon City.

My Grandpa Mattson (shown above with my Grandma), a WWII veteran, still has an amazingly sharp mind and strong body at age 90 (this October). My Grandma Mattson reads voraciously and is always working on a quilt or other sewing project. And just like I remember from my own childhood, she always has cookies for my boys when they come to visit.

Baby E and my Grandpa Mattson. Almost 90 years separate them. Although Baby E is the youngest great-grandchild, my grandparents also have several great-great grandchildren. What an amazing family legacy they leave behind!

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