Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Portland Trip: Yurting on the Oregon Coast

It is never hard to pick out our Oregon Coast pictures.....even without Haystack Rock in the background. The boys are always wearing several layers and they never venture too far into the freezing water.

We did manage to hit a couple of decent weather days at the coast and had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh ocean air. Among our stops: Tillamook Cheese Factory, where Asher pledged to become a cheesemaker and Ed pledged to frequent their ice cream shop, Rockaway Beach and Cannon Beach, and famous Mo's for clam chowder and seafood.

We also stayed overnight in a yurt at Ft. Stevens. We loved the experience....like camping....but you don't have to haul so much crap with you. Plus, you get to sleep in a bed. It is definitely perfect for the lazy outdoor enthusiast (moi)!


Beth said...

That yurt thing looks awesome! That is right up my alley, too. I love Portland, and I have photos on the beach on the Oregon coast with those rocks in the background. So pretty there. I can see why you want to move back. Gorgeous there.

Ami said...

Haha..its so true about being bundled up. I never thought twice about it (this is what we know) until a friend in Texas asked why the kids were wearing winter coats and snow hats in a picture! She couldn't fathom that! :)