Thursday, June 9, 2011

Portland Trip: Easter

The Saturday before Easter, we had a family Easter Egg hunt in Grandma's backyard. Her yard was green and gorgeous thanks to an unusually wet (even by Portland standards) spring. The kids had a great time together!

Then all had fun stuffing little faces with candy. Later in the day, we found all of the cousins hiding under a blanket eating the Easter candy that was supposed to go in their baskets. Easter Bunny was pissed, but got her revenge the next morning when two little boys with sad faces found their baskets quite empty. You just don't mess with the Easter Bunny!

And no Easter celebration is complete without tug-of-war, of course!

I told you Grandma's backyard was gorgeous! It was a rare treat to spend a real holiday with real family. Easter 2011 was perfect in every way.

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