Sunday, May 15, 2011

Portland Trip: Cousin Time

It is hard for the cousins to be apart at Grandma's house.

Don't they look like brothers? Well, at least they both have Rasmussen eyes!

Wedding pictures......little did we know they were heading for the mud!

The boys have five cousins, four all within just a couple of years of each other in Baby E who just turned 1. They are a tight knit bunch when they are together, despite living in four separate states (Oregon, Utah, Texas and Virginia).

There were a lot of infamous cousin stories to come out of this trip, including the night we now refer to as "The Frat Party" when we left the whole gang with babysitters to attend my sister's pre-wedding celebration. Apparently, the cousins got naked and wild. Also high on the list was the pizza parlor brawl. One of the cousins was getting picked on by another child in the play area when the rest of the cousins came to his rescue with a head butt and knock down, and then pig pile.

Nothing says "we love you, cousin!" like making your tormentor eat playground turf!

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