Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swim Class

Asher just finished swimming lessons at our neighborhood pool. His class evaluation read like this:

"Asher wears a smile to class everyday. He still has some skills to work on. Please register him for the previous swim class next session."

Translation: Your son is enthusiastic but has no talent. You are one of THOSE parents who think their child is PERFECT in every way and WITHOUT FAIL you stick them in the most advanced class regardless of their true abilities. GET A CLUE!

Rebuttal: I am in charge of registering the boys for swim lessons, but Ed is always the one to take them. (I work on Saturdays and during the swimming lesson times).
I have a strong suspicion that Ed spends swimming lesson time with his nose in a book or fidgeting with his iPod, so his analysis of their swimming abilities is pretty useless and I am left guessing when registration time rolls around.


Michael A. Cleverly said...

At the end of our son Andrew's swimming classes a year or two ago his teacher, an older German lady, told Shauna in a thick accent: "Your Andrew is a very nice boy, but he cannot swim to save his life."

We figure we'll try again once he is eight.

Jen said...

Poor Andrew....well, on a positive note, we both won't have to worry about paying for expensive trainers and travel to help our kids reach their Olympic dreams in swimming.


olympic swimmer or not, I can just imagine his huge smile being in the pool. And what more can a mom ask for than a happy kid, right? : )

Beth said...

This is hilarious. Asher is one cute kid.

Matt North said...

LOL @ Jenni's translation