Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life With Asher, Cont.

A couple of recent "only Asher" moments...

Scene No. 1: We were getting the boys juice, and we served it in these small plastic cups. Asher's just happened to be pink. No big deal, right? Well....

Asher: "I don't want the pink cup."

Jen: "Why?"

Asher: "Because I'm not a princess!"

He's not exactly a prince, either.

Scene No. 2: At a playground in Pittsburgh, I finally found a time when it was bad that Asher already knows how to read. He's really taken to reading books and whenever he runs across a word he doesn't recognize, we tell him to sound it out. Well, in this particular instance...

Asher, standing at the top of the slide, notices some graffiti: "For. A. Good.... what's this spell, papi?"

Me: "Sound it out, Asher."

Asher: "OK. Ffffff...... Ugggh....."

Me: "Get off that slide right now!!!!"



we just had a situation like that too! early reading is such a love/hate! ours was in the bathroom of a cafe that turns into a club of sorts at night. the regualr graffiti wasn't bad but then suddenly i heard some other things from lexi...AHHHHH!!! You can only protect them so much!

katrina said...

When James was first learning to read. he was in the grocery store line with me and read "best Hollywood boob jobs". He was so proud of himself he read it several more times.