Monday, July 13, 2009

Asher's Bad 4th of July: Belated Version

(here is Asher on a borrowed scooter,
celebrating America the best way a 4-year old
boy knows how)

Asher had high hopes for his 4th of July celebration. It had been marked on his big, giant calendar in red, white and blue for weeks! Unfortunately, I think the day fell a bit short for him.

We started the day off early at our church. They have some fun traditions revolving around the 4th, including a pancake breakfast followed by a bike parade. For the bike parade, all of the kids decorate their bikes and scooters, and then they race around the circular church parking lot to the sound of patriotic music. Noe and Asher were flying around the parking lot with the other kids, when Asher's bike tire popped. Unfortunately the support van (my old Buick) didn't have any spare tubes, so Asher was sidelined until some very nice girls shared their scooter with him.

In the evening, Ed had to work, so I planned a mini celebration with the boys involving ice cream, sparklers and glow snakes. I didn't feel ready to light anything that flew off the ground or whistled, at least without parental backup, so we went decidedly low tech. The glow snakes were a hit. So was the ice cream, of course. Then I lit sparklers for the boys. Noe loved the visual effect. I lit Asher's sparkler and he immediately threw it down....onto his bare foot.

Yeah, I think the red scar on his foot will be a permanent reminder not to do that again.


beth said...

Oh no. Something similar happened to my little two year old niece. She finished her sparkler and grabbed it with her empty hand. Ouch!!!! So sad. Even with my sister standing right there watching. Poor Asher. Hope he's feeling better.

Elise said...

Oh, that is so awful. I am cringing the more I think about it. You know, sparklers are so fun, but they are such a burn hazard! I just knew something like that was going to happen when Everett used them this year, but I am usually not a paranoid mom. Thankfully it didn't. I am just sorry to hear that it happened to Asher. I hope he heals quickly and isn't permanently turned off of sparklers.


poor baby! how is he doing? Lexi is worried about him!