Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tonight's Dinner Brought to You by Trader Joes...

and my friend, Michelle.

I seriously don't think I could get past the monotony and time of preparing meals every day without TJ's....and Michelle. It's never a bad thing to befriend a byu home ec major when you seriously lack those types of skeelz.

Some of our current favorites:

*chicken and potato curry (Michelle's inspiration)

*TJ's salmon fillets in dill sauce with jasmine rice on the side

*homemade pizza (TJ's refrigerated pizza dough and sauce, fresh peppers and mushrooms)

*chicken wild rice soup and TJ's cornbread mix. If I'm having a really busy day, I'll substitute homemade soup for TJ's turkey chili.

Michelle also introduced me to this brand of loose-leaf herbal teas....yum!

May I never spend more than 20 minutes in the kitchen ever again.


Beth said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trader Joe's. It is a mom's miracle store. And I swear I save $$$ there, too. Yum.

michelle said...

You're welcome. Let me know if I can inspire you in anything else;).

Anonymous said...

Jen, we have a TJ on 82nd now, near CTC. I cant wait to go, I need some new ideas :>
Love, Aunti Jan

Chloe said...

I swear by the TJ homemade pizza. I can't believe how much I love Trader Joes...what did I ever do without it???