Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on mornings

There is a genetic rift in our family: the morning people (Ed and Asher) and the non-morning people (Noe and I).

This morning was a perfect example.

At 7:45am I awoke to the pitter patter of little footsteps in my room. Noe, fully dressed and breakfasted for the day by Ed, climbed into my bed, snuggled against me and promptly fell back asleep. Meanwhile, I could hear Asher and Ed downstairs. Asher was peppering Ed with questions about tomorrow. He wanted to know exactly what he was doing, who he was playing with, what he was eating. Not today...he already had figured that all out yesterday. That little guy, what a planner.

Meanwhile, I wonder how long Noe and I can hide out in bed before Ed comes back upstairs and rips the covers off of us.

I am not one of those people who likes to sleep in until noon, but it takes considerable effort for me to get up before 8am. Physically, it matter what time I went to bed the night before. I'd like to blame it on my low blood pressure, but I've never had that link verified by medical professionals. I do know that various members of my family have similar morning "pains", so I am convinced that there is a genetic link.

I once longed to be one of those people who works out, makes a huge breakfast, reads the paper, and cleans the house, all before 7am, but these days I'm more of a realist. I can get a heck of a lot done between 9-midnight.

I have learned to adapt. I am really good at getting things organized for the morning the night before so I expend the least amount of energy necessary to ensure we are out the door in time.
But most mornings still don't go as well as planned. Yesterday, we managed to miss Noe's bus. As I ran him up to the school to avoid a tardy (can you get detention in kindergarten? I'm really not sure...), I looked back to see the contents of his lunchbag dotting the sidewalk like breadcrumbs from our car. Apparently, I hadn't closed his backpack completely shut. And when Asher and I take the city bus up to his preschool, most mornings we are running to the stop. Asher thinks it's all part of an elaborate and dramatic game, but most mornings we will miss the bus if we don't run.

And then there are the other preschool moms. I sometimes wonder if they think I am one of those alcoholic housewives when they see me stumble into Asher's classroom in my sweats, hair undone, grunting my morning greetings. Not addicted to alcohol, just sleep.


Elise said...

I have low blood pressure too, and I share your sentiments about getting up before 8am. So thanks! You've just given me the perfect excuse. Now if only toddlers would listen to this sort of reasoning. . .

RCH said...

Man oh man do I feel your pain! (And I have low blood pressure, too. Wonder if there's something to that?) :-P

A Year in the Life of..... said...

I wish I shared your truth. The fact is, I am not a morning person, but please tell that to my body. I do not talk to people for the first 3-45 minutes upon waking up, but somehow that natural wake up call is around 6:30. I blame it on the years of teaching Pilates at 6 am- curse those early morning folks Never chipper, but wide awake!

Erika said...

I'm with you...all the way! I've always wished I could wake up early and take care of EVERYTHING, including working out, which always tends to go to the bottom of my list, go figure. But, I too have the sleep issue. Who knows what I'm going to do once Ella starts school!

Ed said...

I long ago made my peace with this, but I admit it was not an easy thing to pull off when I was working nights and weekends. But now, that I have a more traditional schedule, it suits me, and our family, just fine.

I went to a high school that started at 7:45 and even delivered newspapers before school, so the morning thing was built in me during my formative years.

But Asher even freaks me out! I'd hate to see how nutty he'd be after three cups of coffee.

Belle said...

We have the same rift in our family. Andy and Toby jump out of bed, chipper and chatty, and Maren and I spend our mornings grumpily trying to get them to tone it down a bit.

Belle said...

Ed, I used to be ok at getting up early. We had 6 am seminary and I also delivered papers for a while. But, it was never really a good fit for me. Now, it's a chore to pull myself out of bed by 7:30. I think that there must be something genetic about it.

michelle said...

The one bonus of the time change is Sophie and Elanor don't get out of bed until 8ish and it is still a struggle to get out of bed.
I too have the dream of work-out, shower, kids awake but reality says stay in bed until you can't stand hearing "Mom" for the 20th time.

Jen said...

Ha ha! I'm glad I'm not alone! I truly believe that it has nothing to do with laziness...just different body rhythms.

The reason why I think it is linked to my low blood pressure is because I wake up dizzy and slightly nauseous in the morning. It goes away quickly, but is compounded the earlier I wake up.

When I had babes who awoke in the night there were times when I'd get up too fast from my bed and be flat on the floor. I called them "half-faints" because I think I would catch myself before I was really was more like a really bad dizzy spell.

Beth said...

Jen - I am so with you on this!!!! I wish I could be morning person too. Especially since I have no choice but to wake up when T does at 7am. UGH!!!! I am a zombie.

Anonymous said...

How funny on how many comments you recieved on this subject! Well, the Scott family gene, are late night and late morning people, I use that for my excuse. Rocky is early to bed and early to rise, which is fine if he leaves me alone! G & G Razz are not morning people at all, since dad spent all those years getting up at 4 am for the milk route, I think he is putting in his catch up time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Love lots, Aunti Jan