Sunday, June 17, 2012

Snippets of Father's Day Wisdom

Conversation between me and Asher earlier this week.  The boys and I had just returned from our Father's Day shopping trip:

Me:  Where should we put Papi's Father's Day present where he won't find it?

Asher:  Hmm...... I know! How about in his bed under the covers?

[Ed has been traveling a lot this month....that is the only reason I can think of as to why this *might* be a good hiding place!]

And this morning.... Asher shows me the Father's Day card he created for Ed and the nice note he included.

Me:  Oh, Asher....that is very thoughtful.  Papi will love it!

Asher:  Mom, whatever you do....don't throw away this card!  [What can I say.... I'm not very sentimental....not much escapes the garbage can.]

Me:  Ok.  Why?

Asher:  (Completely serious) Well, when it's Mother's Day, I am going to just cross out Papi's name and write Mom and then give it to you.  [Apparently Asher isn't very sentimental either]

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Beth said...

Oh my gosh... Asher, that is hilarious! I throw away cards, too ;)