Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Update

I am trying a weekly update format for the next little while as I have not been so good at keeping up with the blog. Although I will do a 'Christmas in California' post for posterity. Guaranteed to be a classic.


Highlight of the week:
his role in the WaPost Joe Paterno interview exclusive
Lowlight of the week:
his role the senseless murder of Asher's pet fish(es)
Current obsession(s): helping Asher reach World Cup stardom, making predictions about the upcoming Mad Men season premier, whether or not his butt looks big in his new skinny jeans
Quote of the week:
"Oh &#$%(*G $#*% !!!!" after killing the second batch of pet fish


Highlight of the week: getting through a potentially difficult work week with minimal stress, catching up on sleep this weekend, Saturday basketball
Lowlight of the week: wrenching back/sciatica after a very typical morning run
Current Obsession(s):
Moonstruck Chocolate (thanks, Jeff!), doing hard yoga poses (and yes, I realize that my obsession with the first will make it hard to do the second!)
Quote of the week: "The wrong Mormon is winning!" (not that I would vote for either of them)


Highlight of the week: Leaving his swim teacher open-mouthed-speechless as he swam around her in circles (he had his first lesson since last spring on Saturday).
Lowlight of the week:
losing the beloved iPad after a tantrum
Current obsession(s):
all music by Amy Winehouse, iPad games, tackling me from behind or when I am in bed, long showers (he must be the cleanest 9 year old ever).
Quote of the Week:
"Do you think Amy Winehouse's death was really accidental?" Ok ...not really....but I imagine he is pondering it as he listens to her music.


Highlight of the week: playing the role of David in 'David and Goliath' at church....he was awesomely cute! Losing his first front he talkth like thith.
Lowlight of the week:
attending multiple fish funerals (see above)
Current obsession(s):
adding large numbers in his head (or making me do it), sticking his tongue where his tooth used to be, old Wonder Years reruns on Netflix, and North Korea (long story...but it began on the plane to California when he asked about a magazine article I was reading on the death of Kim Jong-Il.)
Quote of the Week: "
I hope the tooth fairy brings me $500!" Keep hoping, buddy.


McKay said...

Awesome stuff! And thanks for posting the link on FB - a good reminder to come over and read all the goodies.

Ami said...

I want to know how Ed killed so many fish!