Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Noe!

Dear Noe,

2011 was truly your year, kid! It feels like a lot of things are finally coming together and you are starting to make the kind of progress that we have hoped and prayed for since your autism diagnosis. We see more and more of your personality and cute smile every day. You no longer avoid us but seek us out. You work hard to use your words every day. You are starting to develop hobbies and interests, such as video games, music, hiking and swimming.

This year you got to…

*spend your birthday at Disneyland!

*surf at Virginia Beach (Surfer's Healing)

*attend your first friend's birthday party without Asher

*swim in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

*attend a pro baseball game (Pittsburgh Pirates) and Steve Miller Band concert (which you loved!)

*hike Ft. Stevens (Oregon Coast), Forest Park (Portland), Appalachian Trail (VA), Reston Trails (VA), Pasadena Heights (CA), and Pacific Palisades (CA).

This year you learned to….

*say and repeat MANY NEW words and request the things you like most without prompts

*recognize numbers, letters, colors and coins

*swim (in your very unique way)

*trace your name

*use your iPAD independently for games and music

*dress yourself without help (finally!)

When we were at Surfers Healing this summer, your pro surfer buddy brought you back to me after your surfing session was over. He looked at me with tears in his eyes said, "I love this kid."

Yeah, I know. I love you, too!

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