Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas: California Edition

Exactly a year ago, the flu had overtaken our house. We were so very sick. I was sicker than I had ever been in my entire life. All four of us were passed out on our queen bed for days at a time. I cried for my mommy. Looking back, maybe I should have been in the hospital. But we lacked the energy and mental capability to actually get to the hospital.

This year, we are baking, listening to Christmas music (but only when Easy Ed is at work, he is such a grinch), delivering gifts and cookies, looking at giant gingerbread houses, cleaning, and finishing homework and work projects in anticipation of our holiday trip to LA.

I am pretty excited to get away. The tickets back West were insanely expensive, so Easy Ed and I are not exchanging presents and we are only buying a couple of small airplane gifts for the kids. But I did purchase this to read in anticipation of the long flight. I am also bringing along hiking shoes, running shoes, and flip flops. Can't wait to get out into the warm air (I would say "fresh" but we will be in LA, after all). We are surprising Noe with a day at Disneyland for his birthday. He will be so happy!

Ready for another California Adventure!

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