Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Pass the Excedrin, Please!

Christmas 2010 will be known as Sick Christmas. We all got hit with the Khris Kringle Super Virus a few days prior to Christmas and we are still pretty sick. However, we did manage to drag our drugged selves out of bed to attend the Washington Ballet Septime Webre produced version of the Nutcracker at the Warner Theater in the District. I'll just say that $250 worth of nonrefundable tickets spoke loudly in my feverish haze. It was a great performance, that I'm sure we would have enjoyed more had we been feeling better. The boys clung to us through most of the performance. I have no memory of getting dressed or of important sections of the ballet that I thought they had mysteriously deleted until I read the program and realized I must have been asleep or passed out (don't worry....Ed drove us there and back. He is further along on the road to recovery).

There was definitely a distinct DC flair to the production. General Washington was the Nutcracker. Claire's home was placed in 19th century Georgetown. The whole second half was danced in a cherry blossom wonderland. And the kids in the production, of course, were adorable.

After receiving reassurance that Santa will even come to sick kids' houses, Asher wrote his annual letter of anticipated appreciation....

....and INSISTED we bake cookies for him even though I told him I didn't think Santa had much of an appetite for baked goods this year.



Beth said...

Merry Christmas Jen! So sorry you guys are sick. Ugh. The worst. I will send you a message (or message me your cell on facebook - then I can text you), if it looks like we could make it over to Reston or maybe a museum or something. No pressure if you guys aren't feeling good. We'll just play it by ear. Have a great holiday!

Kage said...

That ballet sounds so cool. I got hit with the stomach flu at 1 AM, so I had to send my little family to CA without me....I haven't left the bed all day except to do that and that and drink some gatorade.

Becca said...

Hope the sickness is a very distant memory at this point. Very lame for the holidays.

Here's to a healthy, happy New Year!